Ghanaians Going Places: Journalist Umaru Sanda

IMG_4842I first met Umaru last summer at his workplace radio station Citi FM in Accra. I was much impressed with his work (cool when phones start to ring non-stop, quick when to determine what big man or woman to follow up with, a good discussant on critical issues, wide smile) and glad to hear his efforts have been acknowledged internationally.


Umaru Sanda has been invited to attend World Water Week in Stockholm to accept the WASH award given for outstanding reporting on water and sanitation issues. With the current cholera outbreak I don’t know what other topic than the (relentless) quest for clean water could be more critical at the moment.
He received the award based on documentary Water Wahala which you can listen to here:


I have been upset about this issue before and how there seems to be no political will what so ever to change it. Here are posts from 2011, 2010 and 2009.


I am happy this fine journalist also got to see my native Sweden. Ayekoo, Umaru!


Photo: Umaru in the back, hand in the sky! July 2013 
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