Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Trade Minister on Visit to Ghana

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Swedish second person to the throne, Crown Princess Victoria will be paying a visit to Sweden.

Victoria mars 2014The Princess arrives together with Minister of Trade Ewa Björling for a “promotional trip” to Ghana. After Ghana, they will visit Tanzania. In a press release, the minister says:

“Ghana and Tanzania represent ‘the new Africa’ in various ways, with strong growth and major potential for increased trade and economic exchange. Crown Princess Victoria and I are traveling to these countries to further develop Sweden’s relations, including trade, with Ghana and Tanzania”

Just late last year, Sweden sent another high level visit to Ghana in Minister of Entrepreneurship Annie Lööf, and recently it was announced that Sweden opens a sectional office in Accra linked to the regional embassy in Abuja.

It looks like I am not the only Swede taking an interest in this green nation of Ghana!

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1 Comment

  1. Hej Kajsa,

    Det verkar som att jag kommer att arbeta på sektionskontoret du skriver om här.

    Vore toppen att få kontakt med dig. Jag har en hel del frågor om hur det är att bo i Accra! Jag har med mig min familj inkl två killar på 11 och 13 år.

    Du kan väl skriva en rad om du känner för det!

    Johan Hallenborg