Ghana Beats Egypt 6-1: The Twitter Story

I rarely watch soccer games on TV as in Ghana you can hear the scoreline anyways. After three YAAAYYs and one AWWW, I decided to follow the game online. This is what happened:
  1. 53′ (4 – 1) Asamoah GYAN (GHA) scores #GhanavsEgypt
  2. This one was heard as a long cheer, but soon came the next goal and online, people started to ask for a sixth goal!
  3. So Ghana has spelt Egypt. Now we should spell Brazil. So we make it 6: 1.
  4. Which also came! Now my timeline just EXPLODED. Here are some highlights!
  5. Ewurade Yedaase…next stop..*leavesmyhouse* oya to my travel agent to book my flight to #Brazil2014..
  6. Kwesi Appiah is the man of the entire World Cup Qualifiers.
  7. Kwesi Appiah deserves all the credit for this splendid performance
  8. Then there was some discussion about the “incentive” for a winning match that the president had increased for Black Stars players.
  9. #BlackStars be patriotic and lose today!! Ghana needs your $15,000… #GHANAFIRST #GoGuinessGoGH
  10. The $15,000 tweet —-> “@JDMahama: Best wishes to the #BlackStars. Make #Ghana proud.”
  11. President Mahama even felt the need to explain…
  12. @DONSHATAGURU The bonus is paid by the sponsors of the national team.
  13. Other interesting views were the situation in Egypt influencing their game...
  14. If its anything to go by, the score line against #Egypt reflects current state of affairs in that country by the Nile. They are in crisis.
  15. Ghanaian women now dey make football match analysis #timechanges mmre dane ampa.
    • This was a historic game, also on Twitter!
  17. When #Ghana is trending, that when you know there are Ghanaians all over the world right now just having a good ass time.