Accra the Alphabetic Journey: Video Poetry

Someone who left Ghana just sent me this video on Facebook and reported “feeling blue” after watching the two minutes and forty-two seconds of imagery from Accra and hearing a voice over matter-of-factedly reading out what we see: “Kelewele”, “Osu” and “Woodin” over a faint classical music piece in the background.

I rather felt happy that someone took the time to in video poetry (isn’t that the best description?) chronicle the Accra of today (except for an pre 2007 Cedi bill) and put it together for all of us to realize we are sharing something, maybe at times kind of flawed, dusty and oily, but it is ours!

What did you think of the video?

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  1. We’re sitting here missing Ghana after watching this and the new M.anifest video.

    Afe nhyia apa!

    Peter & Stina

  2. I like this little clip just because it says a lot so well. It is visual poetry as you suggest.
    Watching it as a Ghanaian living elsewhere is comforting in a quiet way…I was with my family in Accra exactly a year ago and you are right, despite all the things that might seem flawed to others and even to ourselves ( and there are many…) we most certainly have Ghana and it is ours! Thanks for your contributions to blogging in Ghana and for your continued acknowledgement of what is beautiful and positive in our brilliant and unique Ghana!
    So now you know that I am one of your quiet readers. I will continue to read what you write and try to follow you in the social media realm. Good Luck in 2013 and onward!