Meeting Anna Koblanck

Photo: Fiona Leonard

Yesterday, I had the privilege to  meet with acclaimed Swedish journalist Anna Koblanck.

For an “Africa-nerd” like myself, she is a household name as a writer for Swedish newspapers DN and HD as well as an Africa commentator on Swedish radio.

For instance, she wrote this newspaper article on before the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 and I blogged about it.

This time, Koblanck is traveling Africa for a non-journalistic project which I am guessing is not official just yet.

Thanks to our mutual friend Fiona we were introduced and met up for a few hours over coffee (what else?) for a talk about writing, South Africa, Ghana and Sweden, migration, what kind of meat goes into a Ghanaian soup (Answer: all), not identifying as an expat, travels home and elsewhere.

My  daughter was also gracing the occasion and I think all four of us had a good time!


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