International Women’s Day: A Personal Reflection

Last year around this time, I was pregnant with my first child. It was an amazing and literally nauseating experience. It was a reminder of what it is to be a woman.

Being a woman is at times a very bodily experience – growing breasts and hips, learning how to dance, coordinating movements in some nice shoe, climbing trees or other remote places for solitude.

Being a woman is filled with pain – headaches from trying to remember everything, cramps from the monthly period, silent but sharp stings of betrayal, the shockingly forceful pains of child labor.

Being a woman is joyous – growing in your mother’s shadow, learning to express yourself freely in words, feeling the cold water on your body as you dive in, being someone’s mother.

On a day like this, I think of everything that unites us women. I think of everything that separates us. Clearly, there is not a single experience of womanhood, however there is an attitude I feel is common to all women. An attitude I find it heard to put words on, but something along the lines of “change is inevitable”.

We change. We grow. We transform. The world changes.

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