You Know You Are in Accra When…

A celebrated part of new Dust magazine (that has been mentioned a number of times on this blog already) is the section called “you know you are in Accra when…”  Basically a list of fun stuff that we can see daily and only become funny when highlighted. I have observed, similar things have been posted on Twitter with the hashtag “onlyinGhana”.

Anyhow, I have some to share with you:

You know you are in Accra when…/Only in Ghana…

…an envelope can double as a bag to carry about town.

… A meal costs anywhere between 70 pesewas and 70 GHC.

…you hear “I’m coming, eh!” when someone walks away from you.

…parking is free, but throwing your trash, going to the washroom or drinking cholera free water has a steep price.

…you have to run to cross the street, even if the “green man” is giving you way.

These are just some I thought of when driving to work the other day – do let me know your homemade ones as well in the comment section below!

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  1. some of those belong to ‘only in Africa’ – I’ve noticed all of these (except #2) in a lot of the African countries I’ve visited/worked in, which includes East, West and South.

  2. Thanks for that insight, I wouldn’t know as I have only called Ghana my home!

  3. Sure thing. It took me a while to learn this also; however it seems people have more in common than they differ.
    – might I add, I love your blog…

  4. I agree we all have more in common than we differ. So true. Awww, thanks for loving my work 🙂

  5. I guess Colombia has more similarities with Ghana than I thought!! We also clap with the plane thingy 🙂
    I’ll give you an “opposite” one: you can tell a Latino in Northern Europe because, even though the “green man” is giving the permission to cross the street, we still look both ways and speed up our pace as we cross… Ha ha!