Beach Fright

I had it all  planned; a bunch of happy friends relaxing on the beach over the three day weekend. Telling stories, eating lazy meals and playing games in the water. A drink in the sunset, a song by crickets and an early morning walk on the beach before the sun rises too high and hot.

As it stood clear to me that the others couldn’t go, I disappointedly told myself it’d be just another hot, boring and event less weekend at home. *sigh*

And then I thought, why not go anyway?

I remembered when a friend told me she had gone to the movies all by herself. Why? Because she wanted to go. So if she could go to the movies alone, why could I not go to the beach? I have now packed my swim suit, swim T-shirt, sun dress and umbrella. I carefully chose four unread novels from my book case and am feeling quite good!

But I know that the beach fright will come soon. That eerie feeling will come as I drive out there, as I check in, as I put my toes in the sand.

Will I be able to enjoy alone when all others are in company?

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  1. Well, when you see the time as ‘alone time’ just for ‘me’ it might not be so bad after all!

  2. I hope you had a great time, Kajsa!! I know this feeling very well. But for me it always turned out that it was well worth going!! to the beach, on holiday, or to the cinema…. and usually I came back with at least one more friend and/or amazing story/encounter. looking forward to hear urs 🙂
    xx uli

  3. Thanks, Uli. Stay tuned for the “I’m-back-in-town”- update.

  4. Eyram, it was actually pretty great! Thanks for reading my blog!

  5. Ha, it is only busy on holidays and on Monday, I had already returned safely home! Next time, it’ll be a ghanablogging goes to the beach- thing!