Volcanic Ash Cloud Consequences in Ghana

Iceland volcano Ghana airplane

On BBC we could hear how the Kenyan flower industry was suffering from the recent Icelandic volcano outbreak leaving an ashcloud over Europe which hinders aviation. So what are the consequences in Ghana?

When searching for information it first it seemed like 22 Americans stranded was the main effect, but as I have myself heard of three people being caught up in this mess (one in London going to Ghana, one in Ghana going to Sweden and one from Ghana going to Oslo but getting caught at his overlay destination…) I figured this could not be all. Also, just like Kenya, Ghana is an exporter of fresh items like pineapple, papaya, mango, chillies and heavily intertwined with Europe for other business too.

After continuing my search, I found a good article from The Ghanaian Times in which Aviance, a Ghanaian company air-freighting fruits and other goods from Ghana to the UK and Europe estimated loosing USD 10 million daily. The same article stated that KLM, Afriquiah and Ghana International Airlines had all canceled their flights, but (this was on Thursday) AlItalia and Lufthansa were still operating.

According to the same article,

Clearing and exporting agents of the Ghanaian exporters handling the exports, declined to talk to the Times, saying they had not been authorized to do so.

I really do not understand why they could not comment on the effects, however, this might explain why so little has been heard about the consequences of the volcanic ash cloud in Ghana.

For the environment, it might be a good thing though, see above visualization from Information is Beautiful comparing the emissions from the volcano and the planes…

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