Ghanablogging, BlogLovin’ and Afrigator

Some blogging news:

The aggregator for the group of bloggers I started in 2008, has gotten a new, improved, user friendly, greenish design by David Olunyi Ajao/Web4Africa. Surf there today and read one of the 70+ blogs about Ghana!

As I added the new Ghanablogging badge on my page, I also decided to update my affiliations. I joined BlogLovin’ and a Follow my blog with bloglovin badge, currently I am trying to add some other I can see my badge from Afrigator has been reduced to a line of text and when I visit their site their server is not responding. Anyone knows what happened to Afrigator?

I have also tried to clean up my Google Reader, as it makes following blogs (outside of Ghanablogging) so much easier.

How do you organize your reading of blogs?

Pic borrowed from David Maybury’s Children’s Book Blog.

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  1. Yeah we are on and off with connectiing on to Afrigator as well. You just have to keep on trying to connect. As with so many things African-we must exude a patience factor.

    Great blog, it is also beautiful to see a African sista concerned enough to write about the good of Africa-because so many African blogs do fail. The wealth of Africa depends on bloggers like you.