What Do You Do with a Baby All Day?

What shall we do?

Yesterday, I got the question:

– But what do you do with your baby all day?

The short answer is sleep, eat (her mostly, me in the space between) and play.

The long answer is this:

02.00 She wakes up with a wiggle and a yawn. I manage to give her my left breast before she screams or even opens her eyes.

05.30 She wakes up with a smile. I give her my right breast and when she has eaten (drunk?) decide it is time for a diaper change. After playing in the baby gym and saying some nursery rhymes, putting on a new outfit we go back to bed.

08.32 Grandma comes to take her before dashing off to work. I go back to sleep.

09.00 Grandpa brings her back. She is hungry.

11-ish We wake up and do the diaper-thing. I decide to dress her in an outfit that matches mine.

11.30 I have breakfast and read a wonderful blogpost about tossing the hunt for productivity out while grandpa tries to get her to sleep.

15.15 We go out for a walk after she has slept and ate. During the walk she sleeps.

16.12 We enter a café. She wakes up. She looks around the place in amazement. I hurry to order coffee and gulp it down before feeding her again.

17.14 We visit my brother. She screams until I pick her up and then she burps. I need to remember that babies (almost) always cry for a reason.

18.40 Back home. We play for a while. She looks at things, that is I say “What are you looking at? A flower? The sun rays?” Then she is suddenly hungry and after that needs a diaper change. I optimistically put on her pajama. She is all smiles at the changing table.

19.30 Still trying to get her to sleep. As soon as I sit down she cries. I put her in the BabyBjörn and start to sing. When she is asleep, I have dinner.

20.55 She is up again. Can she really be hungry? She sits with my parents and “talks” to them before coming back to me. I feed her to sleep.

23.00 Time to blog!

The second question I got was,

– Is it fun?

Well, it is a different tempo, a changed way of life, an exhausting and at the same time relaxing task, many times it is scary, but also exciting and yes, maybe even fun!




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  1. Sounds about right!

    Glad you have a good network of parents and sibling(s) to offload every now and then so you’ll get some rest. Can’t wait to meet little S!

  2. Thanks Maya mame, my network of friends in Gh will soon be of uttermost importance! Cant wait toi show her off 🙂

  3. Ja visst är det ett annorlunda liv! Om man bara gillar lunken och om lillstumpan är någorlunda nöjd så kan det verkligen vara hur mysigt som helst! Roligt med en fyrmening åt Sonja också 🙂 Hoppas ni får må bra! Kram Camilla

  4. Love this. I remember being told at the ante-natal classes that at first babies would feed every couple of hours. I thought cool! I’ll be able to get stuff done in between. Until I discovered that T would feed for about half an hour, then would need to be burped for about fifteen minutes and then changed and by that time about an hour elapsed. So it was a quick turnaround to starting all over again. Somehow too she had this built in alarm clock that whatever her eating gap – two hours or four – three minutes before the time she would start screaming until she went purple!

    Looking forward to having you back in Gh soon!

  5. Hi Fiona, I had “the purple experience” on a bus today…haha, I’m proud to be in such good company!