This Week: Finland

So this week will be a bit different.

I will go to Finland for a conference, Nordic Africa Days 2010 (you might remember I wrote on this conference here) . And you will feel lonely and come here for new updates from me and who knows if there will be any?

Since, I will be a bit busy with:

1. Presenting a paper on Student Mobility and Migration Industry.

2. Listening to African Studies high shots like Mahmood Mamdani and Paul Nugent as well as film director  Dani Koyaté and Ford Foundation’s Program Officer for East Africa, Joyce Nyairo.

3. Participating in a panel with the theme: “Mobility and Relocation as Strategies of  Youthful Resistance” led by Cultural Anthropologist and former University of Sierra Leone lecturer Mats Utas and political scientist and West and Central Africa expert Morten Bøås. Excited about this part!

4. Eating Cheese and bread!

5. Visiting five Finnish friends (although one is technically Brazilian!)

However, who knows, I might get time to spare and I am guessing free broadband is all over the country that recently decided to make broadband a human right

Pic of the Finnish flag borrowed from

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  1. You’ll have a great time, interesting, inspiring! Finland is wonderful; I spent a summer there once. Oh, and being Dutch, I know how much a person can crave good bread and good cheese! Enjoy.

  2. Moi Mukkulat, lol! That’s about the only Finnish I can think of, don’t think it’ll be of much help. Have a great time, good luck and savour some of the cool temperatures, it’ll help you get through the hot Ghana you’ll come back to. And don’t forget to catch up on the latest uutiset! 😉