Good Losers – Ghana Exits the World Cup

After the devastating last minutes of the game and penalty series, Facebook and Twitter explodes. So many messages, surprisingly to me, messages of unity and good will. Here are some examples:

“Please, tonight is not a night for tears. GhAfrica’s Black Stars bowed out GRACEFULLY!”

“Oh! asamoah…but welldone guys!”

“My head is still up! Proudly Ghanaian! Well done Black STARS!”


“If there is anything like team of the tournament (like there is man of the match), I think it should go to the Blackstars”

“I stand proud. Whatever happens”

Also, for the first time ever, Ghana is a trending topic on Twitter along with Asamoah Gyan

Say what you want on Ghana and the Black Stars, but sore losers we are not!

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  1. And that, Kajsa, is all there really is about it. The only prize in participation is not to win. When the best in the world turned up, Africa was there. And for a long time, we competed well. We were in the final 8. We were 1 kick from the final 4. Being number 1 in the football world would have had only limited (emotional) benefits. Now, let us compete favourably with the rest of the world in:

    Ending poverty;
    Growing our economies;
    Deepening democratic values;
    Restructuring education to ensure real social development;
    Fighting health scourges, especially Malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB;
    Eradicating neo-geopolitics (ethnocentricism)
    Harnessing the powers Information Technology to accelerate development, etc.

    I do not know if we will succeed. Africa is many steps behind. But I do not care as much about success (just like in the World Cup) as TRYING! You can only succeed if you TRY! And if you TRY and do not succeed, then you do not have any regrets.

    Last night’s experience was TOTALLY, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT POSITIVE. I was glad to be emotionally involved!

    Thank you for this post, Kajsa. Now let me go sleep and get my energy back. I do not usually make political speeches.

  2. I’ll say that Ghana players, especially Gyan spent a lot of time belly flopping on the field on false injuries.

  3. Hi NY, I hope you dont mind if I post part of this LONG comment as a post. I think you make an excellent point. Thanks for your speech! Good night!

  4. Hi Richard, thanks for reading my blog. On your comment, I think it is always easy to say afterwards what went wrong. In my (extremely humble) opinion, Ghana played well.