On Becoming an Artist

I am happy to announce that yesterday was the first day of my career as a visual artist.

Even though I have been drawing, painting and sculpting since I was a child, cheered on by my parents, and even made paintings for official spaces as a university student in Uppsala, yesterday marked something different.

I was ASKED to partake in an upcoming exhibition curated by famous Ghanaian painter Kofi Setordji at Nubuke Foundation. The exhibit which focus on Ghanaian public space will be called “My space, your space”. Together with my friend, Miss V, I had prepared a concept note which we presented to Kofi. He liked it and invited us to work on the project for the net few weeks.

At this stage, the project is TOP SECRET, but I have the feeling that in the near future it will do very well in a blog format.

Now I’m curious to know, what is your second career?

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  1. Congrats on officially getting started as an artist. I wish you well, and look forward to seeing some of your work.

    And to answer your question about second careers, I’ll say I’ve started to think of myself first as an entrepreneur, and then secondly as a writer. I used to think i’d become a fiction/literature writer, but these days, I see my writing going more in the direction of popular writing. I’ve made peace with that. To be a popular writer in the style of Malcom Gladwell and Steve Godin though, I feel you first have to do. You have to have life experiences to draw from which is where my experience as an entrepreneur will hopefully pay off.

    So yes, i see my career heading in the direction of a serial entrepreneur first. And then a writer.

  2. Thanks, Maameous. Entrepreneur and writer sounds good. But I seem to remember you wanted to start a radio show? Is that career lost? Will most definitely read your book when it comes out, though 🙂

  3. i am working hard to be a good Entrepreneur in online services. I also attend online seminars to sharpen may skills.*~;

  4. I sort of lump radio/tv/film all in with the writing. I don’t know if I will make a good host. Perhaps someday I shall try. But I’d definitely like to write for tv and radio at some point, perhaps in the style of my blog.

  5. Someday? Honestly, I think your blog could work as a radio show right now. Are you coming to the meeting tonight? We have missed you-o.

  6. congrats. Enjoyed my little porthole view of your project – I think it’s going to be fantastic, looking forward to the end masterpiece!