House Cleaning in Ghana

There was a program on TV called Extreme Home Makeover some years back (maybe its still on?), anyways, I sometimes think of that when it is time to clean our house here in Ghana.

The combination of louvre-windows or a house that is not completely sealed and dusty surroundings makes for so – much – dust – EVERYWHERE.

In wardrobes, in drawers, on books, on walls…Then we also have the left-behinds of the involuntary pets – spiderwebs, wall gecko droppings, dead flies, a leg of a cockroach etc. As Ghana is also a humid country certain things get moldy, especially clothing, bags and shoes, but also pillows, table cloths and napkins – that is if you don’t take them out every so often to dry in the sunlight. What I am trying to say is that a house in Ghana can get really, really dirty.

The difference to the TV-version of it is that I do not get to go on a luxurious vacation and only scream MOVE-THAT-BUS before my new house emerges, no, I have to be a part of the SERIOUS dust removal.

Why do I say EXTREME and SERIOUS?

Well, because of the normal cleaning routines in Ghana that seem harsh to me (although now that I am sitting in a clean house I understand the rationale). What about:

– Spreading all my shoes and purses over the lawn in our backyard
– Scrubbing all carpets with Omo
– POURING water on the floor and scrubbing (see small helper in pic)
– Emptying the bookshelf completely to wipe all the books down
– Carrying all “small furniture” i.e. tables, lamps, baskets, vases…outside for a thorough sweeping and finally my personal favorite:
– Hosing the windows/dirty mosquito netting down from the outside (yes, plenty of dirty water in the room)

Sigh, is it obvious that I hate cleaning day?

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  1. Oh! Don’t even get me started! It’s so much more work here than back home. My friends in the UK were disguisted that me, a white person, considered employing a black person to help clean my house. “Why can’t you do it yourself?”, they ask, “Are you lazy?”. Well, I do clean my own house and I will be getting someone to help soon in my new, bigger house. All the things you mentioned and more. Today, I noticed all the dust on my floor fan and you are right about the mosquito netting on the windows! And where do these odd insect legs come from? Good tip about how to stop everything going mouldy – I didn’t know that one.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way! lol

  2. Thanks for your comment, Graham, Shared misery (or in this case house cleaning) is halved!

  3. Uh, I do not know, but can tell you what we do both in Ghana and Sweden: Small garbage bag inside to be emptied every other day and big covered trash outside.

  4. I often do not understand people who order cleaning in the house (notwithstanding what I the owner of this business). Personally I always itself do cleaning. To me it brings huge pleasure! I recommend all to try!

  5. The thing is that when you have the time to do the regular house cleaning is a pleasure, but if you are on a full time employment and have children, you will simply do not have the time to do the house work.

  6. Mould is everywhere and has always been difficult to be removed. There is a good chemical though that could be fined in every superstore called Dettol Mould and Mildew remover.

  7. Are you able to follow the daily tasks necessary to make a larger home, but rarely travel for occasional deep cleaning, it’s time for assistance. Home cleaning services professionals do not need to go home every day to make a big difference. Knowing what kind of service is offered by companies so that you can get your home on the fast track for the whole year without blemish.