Community 1 Tema on Fire

Early this morning part of Community 1 Tema burned down. According to the very brief information it was part of the market that was caught in the flames.

25 houses in Eastern region have according to the same report burned down too.

It is just a coincidence or are there many fires happening such as recently Rawlings’ house, the Foreign Ministry and now Tema?

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  1. (thk God for wordpress–at least that hasn’t been blocked!) I am surprised not hearing of this in mainstream news, but I saw it in the twittersphere. If Ghanaian radio stations had been monitoring, they could have followed up for u;-) I’ve already spoken with CITI-fm to consider going on twitter–the immediacy is amazing!!

  2. Yes, thank God for WordPress…I think I have to go to C1 for myself for any update, stay tuned!