>New Poetry Blog: Soursweet Ghana

>Last week, I got a chance to do to an impromptu presentation on blogging to a room filled with young women. I wrote on it here.

Tonight, I got an email from Lizzy, a woman who was there and inspired by the talk started her own blog!

She has chosen to present her beautiful poetry combined with stylish photos (her own?) to illustrate the feel. I like the the poems because they discuss common literary themes like the village and the rose, but in a way that carefully avoids clich├ęs. Here’s a passage that I enjoyed particularly:

The sun was to be married
Her groom was the moon
Though they met often they never got married
For their meeting brought darkness

The name of the blog is also intriguing: “Soursweet Ghana”. Find it here.

I’m so happy I could inspire to this!

Pic from the above-mentioned Women and ICT event.

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  1. i don’t know how this should go…I want to officially thank you for inspiring me. You’ve been a blessing.

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