>The avian flu has arrived in Ghana. The first cases, none affecting humans, were discovered in a chicken farm in my hometown of Tema. According to BBC what one has to do now is avoid contact with domesticated chicken.”Humans catch the disease through close contact with live infected birds. Birds excrete the virus in their faeces, which dry and become pulverised, and are then inhaled.” However, I was surprised to read I can continue to eat chicken. “Experts say avian flu is not a food-borne virus, so eating chicken is safe.”

Some days ago we were discussing this topic in my house.
Me: So last time I was here a rooster woke me up every day. Now, I see no chicken in your henhouse. Do you have any chicken nowadays?
Mother-in-law: No, my daughter says because of the flu we shouldn’t have chickens. So I only have one.

Maybe I have to talk my mother-in-law into letting that hen go.

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