Chewing Stars – This is how I celebrated Ghana @56

Independence day and so many ideas on what to do. Parties, beach visits or marches abound or the popular version of sitting in the shade with a drink and complaining….Well this is how my day went.

In the morning, I tried to not do this:

I mean,we do still have issues with water,healthcare and electricity while a country like Malaysia born in the same year as we were is almost totally free of such issues but who’s comparing?

(Yvonne did it for me).

At lunch, I refrained from discussing the Hope City launch featuring a certain Chris Brown.

Why rlg will spend $1M on CB whose popularity and clout has been as mixed and inconsistent as that of his relationship with Rihanna. Again, there have been questions about why a supposedly middle income state on paper but lower income on the ground will dole out a million bucks to a 23 year old who already has too much money for his age. But hey, you and I have no say in what Roland Agambire chooses to use his monies…

(Kwame did it for me)

In the hot afternoon, I wanted to remind myself I wasn’t required to go to work, like Maya maame:

I hope that those in Ghana and around the world have found a way of celebrating today, as unfortunately a very hectic work day has stopped me from trying to celebrate. The only thing I managed to do was check out Google Ghana’s picture of the day:


So, I ended up doing a BBQ with family and chewing some Carambole or starfruit to celebrate the star of Africa, Ghana at 56!

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I Love Mango!

Someone I recently met here in Ghana said she missed some berries from home. I was surprised:

How can you miss any berry or fruit when there is sun ripe mangoes ?, I asked.

This time of year in Ghana might be dusty and “cold” (as low as… brrr… 25 degrees celsius), but it does bring something invaluable…

…Mango season!

I love the small ones, the big ones, the reddish ones and the still green. I like the ones that smell like pine sap and sunshine. With time you learn how to predict how the stone stands in the middle of the lovely fruit. You cut close to it and have a big chunck of sweet fruit. I like cutting thin wedges, but sometimes I do diagonal squares and gently push the half inside out. The sun colored fruit begs to be eaten! The consistency of a perfectly ripen mango is velvety and smooth. The feeling when you dig into a mango half and the juice drips along your hands, arms towards your elbows…

The big ones are 50 pesewas a pop at the fruit stand opposite my house. You want one?

Pic borrowed from YKWYA.

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