>Day before xmas

It isn’t really xmas tomorrow, but this is the feeling I now have. Tomorrow, I get to open the great gift of reuniting with my man and breathing the dump, warm air of Ghana. Starting a new life…

Yesterday a heartfelt goodbye with the friends here in Uppsala. We started with a drink and continued with dinner in one of the student clubs. That time of my life is now behind me. It feels sad, a lot sadder than I had imagined even though the customer service at the student place as usual was LOL bad. “you need drinks WITH the starter?”

Talked to one of my friends about how its possible to even become closer to some friends when far away. P told me about a friendship that even wasn’t that great in reallife, but over longdistance it was a kindered soul meet. Technology of today has a way of breaking down distances. But still, it won’t be the same.

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