On Air: Kajsa on E-TV

E-TV, Ghana, Kajsa Hallberg AduKajsa Hallberg Adu, E-tv, Ghana

So here’s the promised report from my 5 minutes of fame.

I came into the E-TV studio in Asylum Down at 7.30am on the dot. I was whisked into the make-up booth, although I had already used an aging powder at home thinking they might not have my shade available…

In minutes, I was sitting next to the glamorous presenter of the “Awake” show, Ester, and without much ado she introduced me as “a very interesting lady living in Ghana”. We chit-chatted about how come I ended up in Ghana (“love”), what my favorite Ghanaian food is (“omo tuo and groundnut soup”) as well as on differences between Ghana and Sweden (“basically everything!”). I was allowed to talk about my blog and about Ghanablogging. I felt relaxed and Ester cheered me on through chuckles and follow-up questions.

Maybe best of all was that afterwards, I had the chance to speak to the producers of the show and promote Ghanablogging and my fellow bloggers. They sounded very interested and likely this will not be the last time a Ghanablogger goes on air with E-TV.


My Ghanaian family was very proud and called me after the show to congratulate me. A friend texted me saying “you are so sweet on TV – another career to discover!”

All in all, a good experience even though I had to leave home at dawn.

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