Sunday Reads Oct 18th


  1. By an interesting coincidence Blog Action Day 2015 with the theme #RaiseYourVoice to campaign for silenced bloggers also saw Ethiopian Zone9Bloggers (link to my blogpost on them)freed. I read Reporter’s Without Boarder’s article.
  2. Google’s Broken Promise: The End of “Don’t Be Evil” Google becomes a part of Alphabet and some principles are lost!
  3. Ghana saw a celebrity/royal marriage and while all eyes was on TV-presenter wife, blogger Naa Oyoo took a grip on the King who married Gifty Anti.
  4. The Hunter Still Tells the Story of the Lion, suggested ShafiCosman and concluded the playing field is more levelled than ever with lions who possess
    Internet powers…
  5. Migration researcher De Haas (supported by efficient visual by Carling) on the problem with European migration policy: Don’t blame the smugglers: the real migration industry.

Inspired by personal role models, Ory Okolloh Mwangi and Chris Blattman (happy 8 years of blogging!), I want to share articles I read with my followers on a somehow regular basis. I hope to make Sunday Reads a weekly feature to be shared here and on Twitter!

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