We have a parrot!

Yesterday, I was told a parrot had been seen in a tree in our backyard. The announcement came at a time I felt tired and flustered, but now my whole body shaped up – a parrot?

After sneaking around for a while we saw it (and possibly its partner) in all its green and orange glory. It moved on the branches with the help of its beak, sang in a chirpy way, hid in the greenery and finally – like in a flash-  sailed away in a quick orange streak.

My daughter was also excited and called it “a carrot” as she is in the process of learning vegetables and fruits in school.

I went inside and googled that parrot’s ass. Green+parrot+West Africa and there it was.

The Senegalese parrot, or Poicephalus Senagalus Versteri in our backyard. Isn’t it beautiful?

Screenshot 2014-01-29 14.28.09

Photo from parrot.org

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