Arts and Social Media Marketing Workshop in Accra

Today, I went to an Arts Marketing Workshop in Accra thinking that I would learn something mainly on the workshop format for maybe a future BloggingGhana social media workshop, but went away having learned a whole lot about marketing!


A great description of the lack of information about the Arts in Ghana cited as reason for workshop. #nubuke

A great description of the lack of information about the Arts in Ghana cited as reason for workshop. #nubuke
I was not there alone…
is @ the arts marketing workshop at Nubuke Foundation, with @kajsaha @Delasimusic @RodneyQuarcoo @AF_Accra @attukwei
The day’s biggest aha moment for me was UPS:
What is your organization’s unique selling point (UPS)? What do you do best? How are you different? #nubuke
I thought long and hard and with a bit of advise from the competent workshop convener, Nicolette Lorraway, I decided that “my” organization BloggingGhana’s UPS is “We know social media in Ghana!” Simple!

After that, learning continued.
Who is your target market? Age, location, values… #nubuke
“Positioning involves knowing your competition”- Nicolette #nubuke
A cleaver student was fast to respond:
@kajsaha Entrepreneuship class gave a lot of clarity to the concept of positioning and deciding on a target market. Cos it was so relevant
@surabbie I did not really understand why not “everybody” should be targeted before this workshop. I now get it! #nubuke
Not “everybody” CAN be targeted and even if that was possible, and “everybody” came to your event, you woudn’t be able to satisfy “everybody” and you want people to leave satisfied with your work, right?
@kajsaha I know! I didn’t get it either but it makes complete sense. You wonder why you didn’t get it before, hahahaha

Then, I found it interesting that fundraising and how you manage your event is also marketing!
“Marketing includes publicity snd social media, flyers, but also branding, events management and fundraising” #nubuke
Discussions on legacy media and social media concluded the workshop.
Discussion on paying for publicity. “Daily Graphic and The Ghanaian Times will publish without gifts” #nubuke
Some artists started marketing their products while still at the workshop quite efficiently….
Thanks for a wonderful workshop experience!
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