Back in Ghana and NIA’s Registration of Foreigners

I’m finally back in the warm weather! Although vacation in Sweden was great, I felt a deep contentment spread through my body already when entering the “Ghanaian gate” at Shiphol Airport. Again I was surrounded by Ghanaians, babies on backs and loud CHALE, LOOONG TIME’s. I was happy. But not for long.

I had barely gotten off the plane, when I was informed that the National Identification Authority, NIA, is registering foreigners staying longer than 3 months in Ghana (ok, fine) for the fee of $ 120 (what? Foreigners in Ghana make money in GHC too!) to be renewed yearly ( heh! Ad3n?!)

In addition to yearly Visas, work permits ( yes, for spouses and children of Ghanaians too despite what is written in the law) and other fees it is really expensive to be a foreigner in Ghana.

Why, Mother Ghana, do you treat me like an unwanted child? Medo wo!

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