Research Friday and Ghana Style Gagnam Style (Azonto)

Today, I am all about research. Finally! This semester, it has been more than difficult to find the time to sit down and read, write and theorize due to everything else I am doing, like teaching and Frontlining. But today, it is happening.

I have already had two cups of coffee (the second one as ice coffee as its already hot out).

I have sorted all my research related papers in five piles: unread articles and reports, read – but not incorporated, African studies research not directly related to my dissertation, teaching related research and my own drafts of conference papers, timelines and dissertation chapters.

I have realized its been so long since I worked on my documents I don’t even know what version is the latest! The one in Dropbox? In my computer PhD folder? In my email? On Google Drive? Arggghh.

But then I was sidetracked and found this cute Ghanaian version of Psy’s Gagnam style:  Cp3 Ghana style (She likes Ghana style) ripe with Azonto dancing, sleek Accra vistas and gorgeous people in slim jeans and everything was alright again.


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  1. I find Azonto a paradigm in the Ghanaian society more than a simple dance that originated from the GA tribe. Azonto to me, is the voices of the sons and daughters of fathers and mothers, the era of the youth. Azonto, so subtle, comes from expressing the daily activities at home, school, and work in accordance to the beats of a music. However, Azonto is only symbolizing something greater, a paradigm on its own.
    Azonto says,”I am here as a dance, but I tell you to make the best out of everything in life. I cause you to do the “washing” style, the “lapaz-toyota” move, and etc. so you will know it is not in the difficult things that we invent; innovation comes from analyzing the simple things in life”. It is in the time of Azonto that the Predident of Ghana delivers speech from an Ipad, lol. Azonto is the spirit of the youth that has been forcing its way out…. youth, its your time, make the best out of anything seeming unnecessary. Azonto is youth teaching the old to see the world through a more relaxed and flexible frame.