Mental Health in Ghana: Autistic Workers at Obama Biscuits

Through a comment on my recent post on mental health in Ghana, I was informed about this initiative where the organization Autistic Awareness Care and Training Centre (AACT) in Accra have organized a training program for grown ups with autism with the biscuit factory Obama (!) biscuits.

Read Robin Pierro’s informative text in full here from the Canadian organization Journalists for Human Rights and see the video she put together above.

This private initiative provides hope for the mental health situation in Ghana, but where is the Ghanaian state?

Thanks Wim for the link!

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  1. Dear Kajsa, I am happy to read that the comment post inspired you 🙂

    Kind greetings from Tamale!

  2. Dear Wim, thanks for your greetings and inspiration! Greetings from a rainy Tema!

  3. Serwaa Quaynor’s efforts and AACT’s achievements are encouraging.
    The state has been wayyyyyyyy too slow. However, the mental health bill looks promising and the sooner it is passed and gets implemented, the better-off our support system will be.