Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am leaving the flimsy 20s behind and finally growing up – today I am 30!

Got this wonderful song from my family in Sweden (in which they also mention this blog and summarize its content “It is me who is Kajsa”). Worth listening to even if you do not understand Swedish, you will get the chorus 🙂

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  1. What a nice family – great confidence and humour. And a musical one too – so that’s where you get it from.

  2. Den bästa födelsedagspresent någonsin! Grattis kära Kajsa!! May your 30’s be filled with even more adventures and hapiness than your 20’s :*

  3. Dear, this is sooooo sweet and lovely! If it got me all emotional I imagine what it did to you!
    Hope you have a great day, a great beginning of a beautiful decade, full of wisdom and fun!!!

    kisses kisses

  4. Is that your Dad? He is the MOST Scandinavian person I have seen in my life!!! Honey and I listened to the song. By the time your sister (?) showed up, we were already singing along to the chorus: Kaaaaaaaaajsa! ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

  5. wow! great! had the same thinking asGraham – now I know where this totally talented, funny, creative superwoman is evolved from! and I can just join in: “whateverwhatever whateverKaaaaaaaaajsa,whateverwhatever whateverKaaaaaaaaajsa!”
    take care, enjoy – until we meet again!

  6. What the song did to me? Well, I cried a river and then had a great day! Thanks, dear Cris.