A Day at the Car Shop

This morning, I rushed out early to just fix “the alignment” of the car, something that is needed often here because of all the potholes which makes the steering wheel…dis-aligned, I guess.

However, it turned out to not be alignment, balancing or any wheel related issue that made my steer shake when braking, but the BRAKES! Yikes!

So, I decided brakes are important and called in a replacement for my 11 am class. I think I said:

“I might not be in at all”, suggesting not until 12.30.

Haha, big understatement!

After visiting with two vulcanizers, two car shops, meeting a chief and his cool American car, getting to know everybody on the wooden bench where I waited (including a poetic but jobless mechanic, a muslim mechanic buying prayer CDs from bearded guy, a few other customers – mostly men and a talkative supervisor) , pacing up and down, eating a FanIce, asking a few (ok, many) times how much longer it would be, drinking two bottles of water and discovering there was no washroom, after using all my Twi vocab,

“Enye easy koraaa!”

Finally, I was calling to cancel my afternoon appointments and buying some biskit to eat, trying to think about the anthropological importance of  “my corner” to cheer myself up.  I was out by quarter to 4.

Just in time for afternoon traffic.

But at least with good breaks.

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  1. Reading this kind of posts maked me glad I am still an old-fashioned, not-so-feminist, “I-want-my-mad-to-take-care-of-me-and-the-car” kind of girl 😉 Then again, he IS a car mechanic, after all… ha ha!!

  2. Oh, I am a very technical feminist, so I do enjoy understanding my car…but waiting for it in the sun…not so much. 🙂