Young Female PhD Holders in Ghana

My favorite radio channel here in Ghana, Joy FM, recently did a program about young, female PhD holders.

Dr:s Esi Ansah, Akua Anyidoho, Ama de Graft Aikins, Linda Darkwa and Joana Boampong were invited and interviewed in the popular Front Page show.

They talked about the origins and motivations of their profession as academics.

Esi Ansah of Ashesi University College was quoted saying:

“I’ve always wanted to teach. I grew up in that kind of environment. I started teaching at a very young age, assembling the kids in the neighbourhood and teaching and so it’s always been something I wanted to do”

The women interviewed were all gainfully employed and Dr Linda Darkwa, currently working with the Ghanaian military service, said:

“My work focuses on peace and security. Even though I work basically on African issues, I also look at national issues”.

Ghana, just as many other African nations, has a major problem with educating enough lecturers for her rapidly growing universities. As an example, University of Ghana with a undergraduate student body of 34 000 graduated only 10 PhD’s earlier this year! See the Vice-Chancellor’s report.

I commend Joy FM  for inspiring the public by holding up these positive examples of young Ghanaian women who are among the few to take on the academic challenge of this country.

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  1. I commend JoyFM for having these outstanding people on the program, and you for highlighting it. I hope they inspire people.
    Dr Ansah & Dr Anyidoho are two women I always knew would do amazing things in life.