My Favorite Tree: Flamboyant

My favorite tree in Ghana is the Flamboyant (Delonix Regia) that periodically turns in to a huge, red bouquet.

Which is your favorite tree?

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  1. I love the flamboyant too, but people in Burkina Faso tell me it is ‘salissant’ meaning, lots of leavs fal down and it demands regular sweeping of the ground, which they don’t like. Still I love it.

  2. Well, it’s not a tree, but I remember the bougainvillea trees very well (it was because I was fascinated by the name alone: bougainvillea. It has a nice ring to it)

  3. Thanks Fatou, Lady Jaye and Catalina for your comments. Flowering trees, be it Bourgainvillea, Guayacan or Flamboyant, is one of the most beautiful things!
    And thanks Fatou for building my French vocab! “salissant”:-)

  4. I’m a big fan of Delonix regia and its ornamental value, although in drier climates (e.g. the western Sahel) the flamboyant can be virtually devoid of any foliage for months at a time. I believe the species is native to the Caribbean. My personal favorite among African trees is Bombax costatum, known in French as “Le kapokier rouge”, which has thick spiny bark, and for a brief period blooms in spectacular red flowers. Nobody plants this species, so you have to go into the bush to find it.

  5. Thanks, Bruce for you comment. It is something special with trees…another favorite is the classic Baobab, king of trees….