Swedish Nostalgia

I must be missing my native country Sweden, because yesterday I heard myself say this:

“Yes, successful socialism…”

“When I miss home, I read an IKEA catalog”

“From a Swedish perspective, how can you not like Obama’s health care bill?”

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  1. “When I miss home, I read an IKEA catalog”

    This is funny. Would it be really odd to say that I could equally feel at home reading an Ikea catalogue? Anyway, when I miss home I eat Vegemite and read a particular novel that feels like home. The eucalyptus trees also make me think of home. I want to hug them!

    It’s funny what sets off feelings of “home” though and still calling that far off place home. Great thoughts.

  2. Hi Gayle,

    Thanks for “getting me” – I guess IKEA is everywhere in the Western hemisphere these days…Vegemite and eucalyptus rather makes me appreciate “international” life, but good you have some comfort thoughts too!

    The concept of home is indeed a strange one…