>Twi Course in 2010

>Here’s a message from the Goethe Institute in Accra:

Since the current TWI courses at the Goethe-Institut Accra are highly appreciated we are proud to announce the ongoing of our TWI courses in 2010!!

The Goethe-Institut is offering Twi Classes for Non-Twi speakers (beginners and advanced).

The course focuses on communication – within a short period you will be able to discuss in Twi with your Ghanaian colleagues, neighbours, friends & people in town.

Join us! Are you ready?
Ey? paa! S? wofro dua pa a, na y?npia wo.
That’s wonderful! The person with good intentions receives support.
(=If you mange to climb a tree we will push you)

Time & Date

Beginner (very basic knowledge):
Mondays, 5:30 pm – 7 pm
January 4th till March 8th, 2010
Price: 90 GHc

Tuesdays: 5:30 pm – 7 pm
January 16th till March 9th, 2010
Price: 90 GHc

Goethe-Institut Accra, Kakramadu Road, Cantonments (next to NAFTI), Accra.

Please send the registration form to infospr@accra.goethe.org
Payment should be made before the course starts. Just get in touch with our registration officer.Tel: 021-776764

Since I moved to Ghana, I wanted to learn Twi, see my post here for example. I have been taking the beginner’s course this semester and can testify to that these courses are effective. Remember the song?

Enti, seseara meko di bronya!

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  1. I’ve been ardently searching for a twi language class in Accra! This looks like it would be perfect! I tried to go to the website link you posted above, but it was broken, and all that I find on the Goethe Institute’s website is about German. Can you PLEASE help me find out more info about taking Twi? As part of a scholarship for my research in Accra this summer I am required (and definitely want to!) take language classes, so i am desperate to find a program! Thanks so much for your help!

  2. ok, so it’s 2011, and there will be TWI lessons held at CAfe Dez Amis, opposite the french Embassy! come and learn to communicate effectively in Ghana with an Interactive course in TWI, FANTE, EWE, GA…TAke your pick! learn essential survival skills such as negotiation tactics, how to order food, as well as lear the history and meanings of names such as ANOMABO, and why Accra is called Accra…learn about the culture, learn the meanings of popular songs, all in a fun course for only GHc 125!!! call 0207803447 to register. Classes begin in March 2011. Dont miss out.

  3. Oh My GODDDDD!!!

    I’ve been looking for twi classes in Accra, and Cafe Dez Amis is one of my favourite places! This is great!

  4. Hi Stacey, I am not sure. Check with the Goethe institute, Chez dez Amis or Kwame Nkrumah UNiversity of Science and TEchnology (KNUST).

  5. Its now getting to the end of 2011 are there still classes or do I need to wait until next year?