>Fair Enough

> Today is World Fair Trade Day, a day organized by IFAT, the international fair trade organization, to inspire us to engage more in fair trade, meaning buying from producers who make sure the production benefits the workers and community of origin.
These days more customers care about the ethics behind the products they buy and hopefully with a day like this even more people will open their eyes.

In Africa COFTA is the regional organization coordinating the producers and two Ghanaian companies with IFAT certification are Global Mamas and Getrade.

Global Mamas is a wonderful initiative for Ghanaian women in developing their own businesses. Together they form a cooperative selling clothes and home decor. I have bought several gifts and two really cute tie-and-dye tops for myself from them. Global Mamas main store is found in central Cape Coast, a smaller shop in Cape Coast castle and some of their stuff is also sold in lovely handicraft store Wild Gecko in Accra.

Companies like these with a stong sense of CSR are very inspiring, and I have already talked to some friends about starting up a IFAT-certified business in Ghana. I hope you will then buy from me!

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