Nationalist Party Gains Ground in Swedish Election

As I write this I am following the election results being reported in my native Sweden.

In Sweden, we have had a Social democratic (S) government for more or less  70 years, however last year a right-wing coalition got the confidence of the Swedish people and this election  have been mostly about if S will regain confidence or if the coalition, calling themselves “Alliansen”  will be entrusted to continue ruling the country.

However, as the results trickle in, the most surprising outcome (at least to me who have not been to involved in the election for geographical reasons, I live in Ghana) is that the nationalistic party Sverigedemokraterna have gotten almost 6 % of the Swedish vote. This means, in the Swedish multi party system that the nationalistic party has entered the parliament (the barrier is at 4%) but also that the party might get a very important role if the right nor the left get a majority of votes.

So what does this party stand for? Well, their platform is classical nationalist, it is about cutting immigration and thereby solving problems. As someone who is living globalization, I think their program is definitely not a good idea.

But Sverigedemokraterna party leader Jimmy Åkesson was just reported to have said:

– Now other parties have to take our immigration policy into consideration.

More information om the Swedish elections 2010 in English from Alhjazeerah , BBC and the Local.

UPDATE: Let me add my friend Per who is reporting for CNN!

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My Best Home Decor Links


Do you like to wind down with looking in home decor magazines?

I do, but since moving to Ghana, the magazines are far and few in between so now I get my fix online. Predominately here:

1. Apartmenttheraphy. They have found the loveliest studios and homes, often with that personal twist that others do not. The winner of their smallest coolest apartments competition 2007, “Jewelery box”, was an all time high with its exquisite furniture, cobalt blue kitchen and custom-built shelving.

2. SvD Bostad/Hemma Hos. Swedish newspaper life style section – articles about real homes for the Swedish feel of home decor. Think IKEA, plus wood, plus white walls, plus old stuff, plus new, colorful eclectic stuff…

3. FOR FUN Unhappy Hipsters, when the magazine images stand you up to here…(via Swedish blog Tuffast)

I would love to add an “African style home decor” website to the list, but have so far not found any worthwhile sites/blogs/online mags. Let me know if you can help out!

(And no, I really do not care about home decor.  I am a full-fledged political animal only allowing myself to spend time on these kinds of capitalist dreams when all other work has been done. I promise).

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