Lady Gaga and My Boss

I would never really believe that Lady Gaga and my boss, Patrick Awuah, have something in common. But they do!

(Just like Lady Gaga and William Easterly, but thats a different story…)

They are both on the Fast Company The Most Creative People in Business 2010-list.  Alright, so Lady Gaga comes out on top and my boss on 87th place, but I still think that is pretty good for someone who doesn’t sing! The lovely Fast Company have made a specific page for Patrick Awuah explaining what he is all about. I know that already, but if you don’t feel free to check it out!

Last year, my inspiring friend June Arunga was on this exciting list. This year, Chris Anderson of TED and Jamie Oliver the chef are two of the other creative people on the list.

Pic borrowed from Dallas Observer.

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