>Confused Blogging

>Dear Reader,
I’m back to my first blog name “Rain in Africa” again.

Well, maybe the new name was implemented in a rush. Yeah, without me thinking about consequences of a name change, how it has to be discussed with you. But also its meaning…A new name has to be really good and self explanatory. I guess what I really wanted to do was to finding a name that captures the essence of my blog, something that says “I write about Ghana” (because really, I don’t write much about Africa), then buy a domain so that you will have something like iwriteaboutghana.com – simple and nice.

I have also been contemplating leaving blogger for the more advanced wordpress (org more likely than com), now that I spend so much time blogging and talking about blogging.

So, I am just temporarily going back to “Rain in Africa”, soon I will migrate to something all again different. But the content will be, more or less, the same.

Any questions?

Suggestions also much welcomed, of course.

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