Research Interests:

Higher Education in Africa. Youth, Youth Migration and Mobility. Digital Humanities and Social Media. Inclusive Sustainable Economic Development, Democratization and Ghanaian Politics.



  • Hallberg Adu, K. (2015, July). On a Course to Migrate? Migration Aspirations among University Students in Ghana (Thesis). University of Ghana. Retrieved from http://localhost:8080/xmlui/handle/123456789/21899
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 Selected conferences and talks

Zoom Roundtables. NAI/AAU. “Impact of the Corona pandemic on Higher Education in Africa: Focus on Digitalization and Inclusion” see Part 1 here, Part 2 here and “Mapping Data Collection on African Higher Education”. Organizer. 14-15 May, 2020.

African Studies Association (ASA) 62nd Annual Meeting. Presenter: “#KeepItOn: Lessons from Ghana on Avoiding Internet Shutdowns” Boston, US. 22-24 Nov, 2019 (participated via link).

Guest Lecture, African Studies, Uppsala University. “University Students in Ghana: Migration Aspirations and the Colonial University”. 14 Nov, 2019.

Political Science Discipline in Africa: Freedom, Relevance, Impact, 2019. Organizers: Association of African Universities, CODESRIA, and NAI. Organizer. Presenter: “Data on Higher Education in Africa”. Accra, 31 Oct -2 Nov, 2019.

Re:Publica Digital Festival. Panelist: “The Importance of Local Languages and Informal Sciences in Africa”. Accra, 14-15 Dec, 2018.

Masters program in Migration Studies. Guest Speaker: Trends in African Migrations (presentation in M4v-format). Department for International Studies. La Universidad Iberoamericana. Mexico City, 5 Okt, 2018.

Nordic Africa Days. Panel organizer: Conceptualizing Youth Mobilities. Uppsala 19-21 September, 2018.

Digital Humanities, “Puentes-Bridges”.  Roundtable panelist: “Digital Humanities Pedagogy from The Global South & Ghana”. Mexico City, 26-29 June, 2018.

Yielding Accomplished African Women (Yaa W) Technology and Finance Accelerator program. “Leadership starts with you”. 14 June, 2018.

Crossroads seminar, Kenyon College. Presenter: Feminism in West Africa and the Happiness-discourse. 25 May, 2018.

Forum for Africa Studies Friday Research Seminar. Presenter: ““I am so so very not sure” University students in Ghana and Their International Migration Aspirations”. Uppsala University, Sweden. 2 February, 2018.

Odekro Brown Bag seminar: Presenter: “The role of Social Media in Ghana’s general elections”. 25 October, 2017.

10th Anniversary International Conference, Migration, Security and Development, Centre for Migration Studies, University of Ghana. Presenter: “Migrating to an imagined future: The case of university students in Ghana” with Nana Akua Anyidoho. 26-27 October, 2017.

2nd Biennial Conference African Association of African Studies, “African Studies and Global Politics”. Presenter: “The role of Social Media in Ghana’s general elections” with Kafui Tsekpo. 12-14 October, 2017.

Young Women in Programming Launch. Speaker: “Addressing the misconception of women as late adopters of technology”. University of Professional Studies, Ghana. 25 September, 2017.

iHav Foundation. Speaker: “Social Media and its Employment Opportunities”. 26 July, 2017, Accra.

ECOWAS Commission, Media Encounter. Presenter: “”Social Media and Citizens’ engagement in the Elections in Member States … the Ghanaian Experience”, 21-22 July, 2017, Monrovia, Liberia.

Africa Open Data Conference. Co-convener: Open Data for education advancement in Africa and its diaspora. 17-21, July, 2017. Accra Ghana.

Border Studies Workshop, Presenter: “Mobility Aspirations among University Students in Ghana”. Global Liberal Arts Alliance and Franklin University Switzerland, 2-7 July 2017, Lugano, Switzerland.

Nordic Geographer Meeting, Presenter: “Migration Aspirations among University Students in Ghana” and “Conceptualizing Academic Mobility and Mobility Exclusions” 19-21 June 2017, Stockholm, Sweden.

Barcamp Tema, Mentor. “Professionalism, Innovation and Competence”. June 3, 2017. Tema, Ghana.

Post-Development, Post-Democracy, Post-Colonial Legacies, Co-Presenter: “Teaching Evolving Political Landscapes”. Lancaster University Ghana, May 28, 2017.

Ghana Police Service. BloggingGhana Social Media Training. Presenter: “Chair’s Welcome Address”. Accra, October, 2016.

African Studies Association 59th Annual Meeting: Imagining Africa at the Center: Bridging Scholarship, Policy, and Representation in African Studies. 1-3 Dec, 2016 Washington DC, US. Presenter: “Data for and from the Higher Education sector in Africa”, “Democratic Gains from Election Season 2016 in Ghana”.

AccraWeDey podcast. February, 23, 2016. Guest. Available here:

Ghana Studies Association Conference: Global Ghana. July, 6-9, 2016, Cape Coast, Ghana. Roundtable co-convener: “The Challenge for Private Post-Graduate Education”.

American Anthropological Association and African Studies Association joined conference: Innovation, transformation and sustainable futures in Africa. Dakar, Senegal, 1-4 June, 2016. Presenter of Flash Presentation: “Re-thinking “Education Under Trees”. Workshop convener: “Learning Engagement in the Age of Social Media and Emerging Virtual Reality”.

Social Enterprise activity in Ghana: Making an impact Through Business, Program Organized by British Council and Songhai Advisory. December, 14, 2015, Accra. Speaker: “Controlling your social media presence”.

African SME Summit: Dreaming Africa. Dec 5, 2015. Panelist: “Changing the conversation in Africa’s media front”.

African Studies Association 58th Annual Meeting, 19-22 Nov, 2015 San Diego, US. Presenter: “Decolonizing Migration Studies using Narratives of University Students in Ghana”

African SME Summit, Dec 2, 2015, Accra. Panelist: “Controlling your Social Media presence”

BlogCamp, May 9, 2015 , Kumasi. Speaker. “Chair’s Address”.

Academic Migrations Workshop, Dec 4-7, 2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Presenter: “Ghanaian Student Mobility in the Global Knowledge Society”.

Nordic Africa Days 26-27 Sept, 2014. Uppsala, Sweden. Presenter: ““Have you ever seen a plane seat before?” Migration and mobility narratives among university students in Ghana”

Nordic Africa Institute, May 25-June 25, 2014. Uppsala, Sweden. Guest Researcher: Presented work in progress.

Presentation at IAS, University of Ghana, March. 5, Accra. Presenter: “On A Course to Migrate? Student Migration Aspirations among University Students in Ghana – Presenting preliminary results” available here

International Conference in African Studies at Legon, Ghana. Presenter: “The future of graduate school in Africa: An empty drum or a rich soup?” 24-26 Oct, 2013.

TEDxCapeCoastEdu. Speaker: “Twitter in the Classroom”. 30 Aug, 2013, Cape Coast.

Other publications

Hallberg Adu, K. (2018). Paa Joe & Elizabeth Sutherland : Ake yaaa heko, one does not take it anywhere. Exhibition catalog for Gallery 1957. ”Beyond the waters”, p. 28.29.

Research Grants and Awards:

Hewlett Foundation 2015

Agneta and Gunnar Nilsson’s Scholarship for Intercultural Studies (SWEA) 2007

Georgia Rotary Student Program 2001

Thesis Supervision:

  1. Laari, Martey. (2018-04). Small-Scale Mining impacts on Cocoa Productivity and Rural Livelihood: A Case Study in Amenfi West District of Ghana. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Awuor, Lilian. (2018-04). Assessing The Relationship Between Parental Leave Policy And Job Performance And Job Satisfaction: A Case Study Of The Banking Sector In Ghana. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Amoah, Roslynne. (2017-04). Understanding the Relevance and Usage of Information Technology in the Selection of a Childcare Provider by Primary Caregivers in Greater Accra. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Appiah, Dede-Nakoh. (2017-04). Dementia In Ghana: Care Options Available And How Technology Can Be Used To Publicize Them. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Amoh-Mensah, Dorcas. (2016-04). Ethical or not? Assessing the effectiveness of Giving Voice to Values as a course in Ashesi University College. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Amegatcher, Anna Korkor. (2014-04).Social media in Ghana’s legacy media industry: Collecting “likes” or building a new revenue source? Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Aryeetey, Sophia. (2011-04). Investigating job satisfaction of caregivers at the SOS Children’s Village (Tema) and Osu Children’s Home. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Cham, Isatou. (2011-04). Challenges faced by female entrepreneurs within small and medium-scale entreprises (SMEs): A study of the saloon business in Ghana. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Can-Tamakloe, Sena Lily. (2011-04).“To perm or not to perm”: A case of natural hair in Accra, Ghana. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.
  1. Appiah, Benedicta. (2010-04).The impact of training on employee performance: A case study of HFC Bank(Ghana) Limited. Undergraduate Thesis. Ashesi University College.

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