>Give Way


-So Kajsa, how is your driving going?

Well, that is a long story, unfortunately including:

… eight dangerous and crowded practicals where tree fellow driving students sit in the back seat, mind you WITHOUT seatbelts, whilst I drive. Now I am not allowed to continue practicals until I pass the theory test, which I thought would not be all that difficult, however…

… two failed theory tests later in which I scored respectively 18 and 20 out of 30 – Pass is 21, I realize it IS difficult. Noone knows which questions were answered right or wrong (or if the official wants to make another buck at our make-up test-s), since that information is not provided…

… not to mention, the time waste of two cancelled theory tests. You go to the driving school in the morning to “register” your intent to take the test, you go to the Licencing Office to pay your fee (USD 3), you then go to a secondary school here in town and wait until they close so you can use their big hall for the test and then you find out it is cancelled. No explanation. The only talk is the…

…rumors about the practical exam being scheduled months from the date you pass the theory test and so far noone I know from the driving school acctually ending up with a driver’s licence. Which ratifies above described rumor.

-Oh, just fine, I’m sure I’ll have my licence any day now.

In the picture: Me in, thats right, the backseat.

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